A little about me

My name is Chris Stephens, I'm a Phone\data technition and I work at Diversified Communications Group.
I started lurking on the EECTuner list a few years ago while looking for info on EFI conversion for my old 70 Mustang. I migrated to the Tweecer list because it looked like a better product.

Over the years I collected parts and info for the conversion for when I got the balls to really do it. I've now gotten it close, It's painted, Kenne Bell installed, and running like a raped ape. I have a Picture page of course.. It's also on the front cover of the latest Year One catalog for classic Mustangs. My 15 minuts of fame A good friend of mine drove it so thats not my ugly mug behind the wheel.

This web site is more for me than anything, Just a collection of stuff I've found on the net and put in one place. Hopefully it will help the next newbie.